Green five lines Laser Level (4V1H1D)

Green five lines Laser Level (4V1H1D)



PRODUCT Features:

1 4V1H Ultra bright green laser beams.360 degree rorating , self-leveling.
 Flicker when out of self-leveling range.515nm Osram green laser module.

2 Two ways of power supply. 4xAA batteries / Multi functional power bank.

3 Matched with high-capacity multi-functional mobile power bank.which displays

  remain capacity,surrounding temperature and remain charging time.

4 Ultra bright green laser,20-30m visible range ,with receiver 80m detectable.



Lens type Aspherical glass lens
Wavelength  Line Beam:515nm  
Plumb dot:650nm
Line Width 1.8mm/5m 
Accuracy Horizontal line:±1.0mm/5M
Vertical line     :±1.0mm/5M
Angle of projection Horizontal>100°  Vertical>120°
Self-leveling range ±3degrees
Brake mode  Magnet 
Out of Range    Flashing
Function 1. 1 Horizontal Beam
2. 4 Vertical Beam
3. Down dot
Power Supply 1.  4AA Batteries(DC 6V)
2.  Power bank
Duration 10 hours for single line
Operating temperature -10ºC ~ +55ºC
Weight Around 1.0kg (excl. batteries)
Exterior Size  φ130x176mm
Base Rotary aluminum alloy base, with adjustable knob for line